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Rockwell, Timothy [1], Vitale, Angela [1], Cook, Martha [1].

Cell division in the charophycean green alga Entransia fimbriata.

Differential interference contrast light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy were used to study cell division in Entransia fimbriata, a member of the Klebsormidiales. Cells contained a single large vacuole and a single large parietal chloroplast, each of which extended the length of the cell. The nucleus resided next to the chloroplast at the midpoint. The first indication of cell division was cleavage of the chloroplast, which divided completely or almost completely prior to mitosis. Initiation of a septum occurred after chloroplast division and before or during prophase, but the septum did not continue to develop until later. The late prophase nucleus was diamond shaped, and the nucleolus was present until just before metaphase. Though the telophase nuclei initially formed near the division plane, they had moved to opposite ends of the cell and were no longer aligned with each other during cytokinesis. Septum formation was centripetal. Entransia, like Chlorokybus, exhibits chloroplast division and septum initiation before prophase. These processes are reported to occur later in Klebsormidium. Cell division in Entransia is consistent with that in other early divergent charophycean algae.

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1 - Illinois State University, School of Biological Sciences, Campus Box 4120, Normal, IL, 61790-4120, USA

cell division

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