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Population Genetics

Theiss, Kathryn [1], Matesanz, Silvia [2], Sultan, Sonia [3], Holsinger, Kent [4].

Genetic structure in the invasive Polygonum cespitosum.

Polygonum cespitosum (oriental lady's thumb) is an introduced annual found throughout the eastern United States, the mid-western US and parts of Canada. It is presumed to have been introduced to North America from its native range in eastern Asia within the last century, and it has recently become invasive in New England. Although once restricted primarily to disturbed habitats along shaded roadsides and forest trails, it is now beginning to invade more open sites in New England. Here we use genetic markers to investigate the genetic structure of 20 populations of P. cespitosum --16 from New England and four from its native Asian range. We genotyped 20-30 individuals per population using 7 newly developed microsatellite loci and examined the levels of genetic diversity within populations and the degree of genetic differentiation among populations. Consistent with high rates of self-fertilization in this species, assignment analysis of individual genotypes revealed high levels of genetic structure: individuals from the same population have genotypes much more similar to one another than those from different populations. We also compare rates of contemporary gene flow among New England populations estimated from assignment analyses with estimates of long-term gene flow estimated from coalescent analyses to gain insight into the dynamics of this species' invasive spread.

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1 - University of Connecticut, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 75 N. Eagleville Road, U-3043, Storrs, CT, 06269-3043, USA
2 - Wesleyan University, Biology, Middletown, CT, 06459-0170, USA
3 - WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, Biology Department, Hall -Atwater Labs, 237 Church St, Middletown, CT, 06459-0170, USA
4 - University Of Connecticut, Department Of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 75 N. Eagleville Road, U-3043, STORRS, CT, 06269-3043, USA

Population structure
Invasive plant
Ecological genetics.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Topics
Session: 26
Location: Portland Room/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
Time: 8:15 AM
Number: 26001
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