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Onagraceae as a model experimental system

Krakos, Kyra [1].

The role of specialization in the reproductive traits of Oenothera.

Reproductive traits such as pollination and breeding system have been important inangiosperm diversification. Pollination and breeding systems are evolutionarily labile; they easily shift between different states. It is unclear if these shifts are correlated with periods of lineage accumulation. To determine if these shifts result in increased lineage accumulation rates in angiosperms we asked: Do shifts in plant reproductive traits towards specialization drive species diversification in Oenothera? Potentially, a shift ina reproductive trait towards specialization is a first step in reproductive isolation and subsequent speciation of a plant species; however previous studies, which looked only at shifts in pollination system, have conflicting results. These different reproductive traits may shift in a concerted fashion,therefore a more thorough approach that would simultaneously address shifts in pollination and breeding system is needed. In addition, previous phylogenetic studies have not incorporated rigorous ecological data that accurately quantifies pollination system. Therefore, in this study, using 54 species of Oenothera, we: 1. Defined pollination systems and floral reward traits to reflect reproductive specialization in Oenothera, 2. Developed a phylogenetic context to identify the placement and directionality of the shifts in breeding system, pollination system, and floral reward traits and 3. We determined if Oenothera clades with more reproductive trait shifts have higher rates of lineage accumulation than clades with fewer reproductive trait shifts. Our results resolve phylogenetic placement of several Oenothera species, reveal the patterns of specialization in the pollination systems, and clarify the roleof reproductive trait shifts in the diversification of this important genus.

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1 - Washington University, Biology, One Brookings Dr Box 1137, St Louis, MO, 63130, USA


Presentation Type: Symposium or Colloquium Presentation
Session: SY14
Location: Lenox Room/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
Time: 3:00 PM
Number: SY14004
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