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Healing the planet: medicinal plants and the legacy of Richard E. Schultes

Zarucchi, James [1].

Richard Evans Schultes in the Northwest Amazon.

Richard Evans Schultes, a native Bostonian and leading ethnobotanist of the 20th century, conducted the vast majority of his field studies among the native people in the Northwest Amazon of eastern Colombia. In the Comisaría del Vaupés, Schultes first surveyed the Rão Apaporis, a major tributary of the Amazon basin and southern boundary of the Vaupés, for native rubber trees as part of the allied war effort; he later collected many thousands of samples over several decades that record the high level of plant diversity found in that region as well as documented the use of numerous species by the indigenous population. Many hundreds of species new to science were obtained and described by either Schultes or his botanical colleagues. Vaupesia R. E. Schultes (Euphorbiaceae) was described as a new genus of rubber producing tree. Resia H. E. Moore (Gesneriaceae), Schultesianthus Hunziker (Solanaceae), and Schultesiophytum Harling (Cyclanthaceae) are genera named in honor of this legendary plant collector, conservationist, and professor of ethnobotany.

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1 - Missouri Botanical Garden, Research, PO Box 299, St. Louis, MO, 63166-0299, USA


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