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Binggeli, Casey [1], Mihuc, Timothy [2], Martine, Christopher [3].

Impact of invasive aquatic plants on macroinvertebrate and zooplankton communities in Lake Champlain.

There are 48 invasive species in Lake Champlain. Thirteen of the 48 invasive species are plants and yet, very little research has been done on the effects of invasive aquatic macrophytes on associated macroinvertebrate communities in Lake Champlain. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact invasive macrophytes have on macroinvertebrate and zooplankton communities. Invasive macrophytes examined during this study include Trapa natans (water chestnut), Hydrocharis morsus-ranae (European frog-bit), Nymphoides peltata (yellow floaring heart) and Myriophyllum spicatum (Eusrasian watermilfoil). Native species included Nymphaea odorata (American white water-lily), Nuphar lutea (yellow pond lily) and Ceratophyllum demersum (coontail). Plant and macroinvertebrate communities were collected using a 250 µm veliger net. Zooplankton samples were collected using a 63 µm Wisconsin net. Comparisons were made between the macroinvertebrate communities utilizing invasive plants and those utilizing native plants of similar growth habit. Each plant species sampled had a unique macroinvertebrate community composition. Differences between macroinvertebrate communities found on native versus invasive macrophytes included an increase in Amphipoda, Coleoptera, Ephemeroptera and Hemiptera in native plants.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - SUNY Plattsburgh, Dept. Biological Sciences, 101 Broad Street, Plattsburgh, NY, 12901, USA
2 - Lake Champlain Research Institute, Center for Earth and Environmental Science, 101 Broad St, Plattsburgh, NY, 12901, USA
3 - SUNY Plattsburgh, Biological Sciences, 101 Broad Street, Plattsburgh, NY, 12901, USA

Aquatic Plants
Trapa natans
Myriophyllum spicatum
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae
Nymphoides peltata
invasive species.

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Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
Time: 5:30 PM
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