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Shiels, Derek [1], Monfils, Anna [2].

A global re-circumscription and definition of Schoenoplectiella (Cyperaceae).

Schoenoplectiella Lye, is a recently segregated, cosmopolitan genus currently defined with 31 species formerly recognized as Schoenoplectus. Schoenoplectiella species were initially separated from Schoenoplectus based on their mostly annual habit, amphicarpic flowers and closer genetic relationship to species in Eleocharis than Schoenoplectus. Additional phylogenetic studies sampling more genes and taxa and morphological analysis of achenes and pollen by later authors further supported the paraphyletic nature of Schoenoplectus sensu lato and the need for systematic revision. The data from these studies reveals two major groups that fall along the same line separating two of the four Schoenoplectus sensu lato sections (Sections Schoenoplectus and Malacogeton) from sections Actaeogeton and Supini. There are eight species of section Actaeogeton that remain classified as part of Schoenoplectus sensu stricto and key diagnostic morphological characters have not been defined to fully delineate Schoenoplectiella and Schoenoplectus sensu stricto. Additionally, there are 14 Schoenoplectus sensu stricto species from Africa that have not been given sectional designations and appear to conform to sections Actaeogeton and Supini. Data from a phylogenetic study of 23 North American Schoenoplectus sensu lato taxa, taxonomic literature and herbaria specimens have being studied to (1) propose a global re-circumscription of Schoenoplectiella and (2) define the boundaries and key diagnostic morphological characters of Schoenoplectiella, Schoenoplectus sensu stricto, and sections within each genus. A preliminary re-circumscription will be presented.

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1 - Central Michigan University, Biology Department, 217 Brooks Hall, Mount Pleasant, MI, 48858, USA
2 - Central Michigan University, 180 Brooks Hall, Mount Pleasant, MI, 48859, USA


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Location: Khorassan Ballroom/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PSY052
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