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History of Botany: The Missouri Connection

Stevenson, Dennis [1], Stevenson, Jan [1].

William J. Robbins: The Missouri Years.

William Jacob Robbins (1890-1978) was a distinguished botanist researcher and leader in American science as well as developing a wide range of collaborative and institutional ties with international scientific communities. He received his A.B. (1910) at Lehigh University and Ph.D. (1915) in plant physiology at Cornell University. After serving briefly in World War I as a medical bacteriologist at Yale University, he served as Professor of Botany and Chairman of the Department of Botany of the University of Missouri (1919-1937). During his eighteen years there, he also served as Dean of the Graduate School (1930-1937) and as Acting President (1933-1934). Although trained as a plant physiologist, Robbins was eclectic in his interests. During the Missouri years he wrote two textbooks, Botany; a Textbook for College and University Students (with H. W. Rickett) and Principles of Plant Growth; an Elementary Botany. He, also, encouraged the study of genetics in part through his support of the appointment of Barbara McClintock, thus, setting the stage for excellence in this area that still exists today at the University of Missouri. His administrative experience and success in that endeavor at the University of Missouri paved the way for his continuing leadership in science at large and his research abilities led to his membership in the National Academy of Sciences.

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