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Zaidi, Mudassir [1].

Seasonal forage mineral concentrations, nutritional and medicinal value of Berberis baluchistanica as fodder from arid environments of Balochistan.

This study was conducted to find out seasonal variations in mineral composition of a palatable shrub Berberis baluchistanica (Family Berberidaceae)in high elevations at Walitangi, Quetta, Balochistan. This province is well known for its wealth of a large number of medicinal plants and unique plants being used by men and animals. In this area a large population depends on animals for their livelihood. Berberis baluchistanica is a wild plant used as fodder for grazing animals this plant is also used as medicine by local people. They used the roots decoction for the cure of internal injuries and ophthalmic problems, beside this it is also used for the removal of kidney stones, as it contains berberine which is known to be useful for a number of diseases. Its mineral concentrations as fodder were assessed seasonally for two years. It was found to be good source of macroelements but deficient in Fe and Na so must be supplemented with some other forage.The fresh leaves and ash was analyzed for its mineral composition through X-ray florescent spectrophotometer and Atomic absorption spectrophotometer. High Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Mg content(0.49%, 0.42%, 0.39%, 0.30% DM respectively) were observed during spring and summer seasons. These minerals gradually decreased in autumn and winter seasons. Iron and Sodium concentration were lower then the amounts required for small ruminants (0.05%,0.04%DM respectively) and their concentrations were not effected by the seasons.

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1 - University Of Balochistan, C-9, University Colony, Sariab Road, Quetta, 83700, Pakistan

medcinal value
mineral nutrition
Berberis baluchistanica.

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