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Pteridological Section/AFS

Matos, Fernando [1], Labiak , Paulo Henrique [2], Amorim, Andre [3].

The ferns and lycophytes of a montane tropical forest in southern Bahia, Brazil.

The Serra Bonita Mountain Range is located in southern Bahia State, northeastern Brazil, and occupies an area of approximately 7,500 ha. The Serra Bonita Reserve encompasses the last remnants of old-growth forest from that region, protecting about 2,000 ha of land (at 300 to 1,080 m a.s.l.) in the center of this mountain range. A floristic survey of the ferns and lycophytes of this Reserve was carried out from 2005 to 2009 in areas above 600 m, resulting in the collection of 182 species, distributed among 67 genera and 23 families. Ferns comprised 173 species in 64 genera and 21 families, while the lycophytes comprised nine species in three genera and two families. Approximately 25 percent of these species were recorded for the first time in Bahia State or northeastern Brazil (44 new records). Special mention is given to Asplenium truncorum (Aspleniaceae), Megalastrum indusiatum (Dryopteridaceae), and Thelypteris beckeriana (Thelypteridaceae), which were described for the first time from recent collections in the study area. The Serra Bonita Reserve also harbors the only known population of Terpsichore asplenifolia (Polypodiaceae) in Brazil.

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1 - The New York Botanical Garden, Pfizer Lab., 2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY, 10458-5153, USA
2 - Universidade Federal do Paraná, Departamento de Botânica, Curitiba, Paraná, 81531-980, Brazil
3 - Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Ciencias Biológicas, Ilhéus, Bahia, 45662-900, Brazil


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Session: 07
Location: Waterman Room/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
Time: 10:15 AM
Number: 07004
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