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Ahmad, Habib [1], Afredi, Sahib [1].

Tea Cultivars of Pakistan: Phylogenetic Affinities and Genetic Diversity Estimated through Numerical and Molecular Markers.

Numerical trait analysis and DNA finger printing were employed for elaborating genetic diversity and establishing affinities among the tea cultivars grown in Pakistan. Thirteen cultivars were identified with the help of numerical analyses which were tested with DNA finger printing of 130 plants i.e. 10 plants per cultivar. Numerical elaboration was done with 18 quantitative and 7 qualitative traits. The analyses of leaf, shoot and seed parameters differentiated all the genotypes into two groups viz., broad and narrow leaved, corresponded to the Chinese and Assam type of tea, respectively. Most of the narrow leaved cultivars introduces from different origins segregated into similar types both for the qualitative and quantitative traits. DNA analyses through RAPD and SSR primers detected 115 and 103 alleles, in 87 and 75 plants, respectively. Genetic distance estimates analyzed through RAPD and SSR markers was 0-100%, showing high level of genetic diversity. The cluster analysis of RAPD data showed mixed grouping profile of the samples, however, samples from different plants of a particular cultivar segregated into independent sub-clusters. The findings of molecular data was generally in coincidence with the results obtained from numerical trait analysis, concluding close genetic affinity among the tea cultivars separated on the leaf morphology. The variations between, and within plants of the same cultivar confirmed the differences in origin of the cultivars. Information obtained from numerical trait analysis was generally in conformity with the information obtained from DNA finger printing. Failure of placing some broad-leaved cultivar into clearly will-defined clusters may be attributed due to genetic introgressions because of cross pollination.

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1 - Hazara University, Department of Genetics, Dhodial, Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 21300, Pakistan

genetic diversity
Numerical analyses
molecular markers

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 39
Location: Lindell C/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Wednesday, July 13th, 2011
Time: 9:15 AM
Number: 39006
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