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Emerson, John [1], Hoot, Sara B.  [1].

Phylogeny and Phylogeography of Anemone L. sect. Omalocarpus DC. (Ranunculaceae).

Anemone L. sect. Omalocarpus DC. have a circumpolar distribution throughout the Northern Hemisphere, with alpine regions of Western China exhibiting the highest species diversity. Due to essentially continuous morphological variation, previous attempts at phylogeny reconstruction have proven difficult and species delimitations are fluid. Using combined nuclear (ITS) and chloroplast(trnL-F spacer, rpl16, atpB-rbcL spacer) data, a phylogeny of Anemone sect. Omalocarpus is presented, including suggestions for reclassification. Two subsections are recognized within section Omalocarpus: Omalocarpus (circumpolar, montane regions in Eurasia and America) and Himalayicae (China, Nepal, Bhutan, India). Anemone polycarpa, previously included in subsect. Himalayicae, is moved to subsect. Omalocarpus. Anemone imbricata, a taxonomically difficult species, is included within subsect. Omalocarpus. Individuals recently assigned to Anemone geum ssp. ovalifolia should instead be retained in A. obtusiloba ssp. ovalifolia. Additionally, the relationship between three distinct species (A. demissa, A. obtusiloba and A.coelestina) and Asian alpine regions will be discussed in the context of morphology, geography, climatic influences and historical geologic events.

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1 - University Of Wisconsin, DEPT OF BIOL SCI/LAPHAM HALL, PO BOX 413, MILWAUKEE, WI, 53201, USA


Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 04
Location: Lindell B/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
Time: 11:00 AM
Number: 04010
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