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Systematics Section

Flicker, Ben [1], Ballard Jr, Harvey [2].

Molecular phylogeny of Hybanthus enneaspermus (L.) F.Muell. (Violaceae) species complex from the Old World Tropics.

The Hybanthus enneaspermus species complex (Violaceae) in the old world tropics is a group consisting of about 20 species of mostly herbs and subshrubs. Hybanthus enneaspermus sensu stricto is a vegetatively polymorphic herb that is widespread throughout the group's range in the paleotropics. The other taxa are mostly woody subshrubs with narrow distributions scattered around Africa, Madagascar, Southeast Asia, and northern Australia. Representatives of the narrow endemics as well as representatives of H. enneaspermus s.s. from all over its range were sampled for DNA sequencing. Analysis of both nuclear (ITS) and chloroplast (trnL-F) markers indicate that the woody shrubs and subshrubs are the basal taxa within the complex and that H. enneaspermus is polyphyletic with other herbaceous endemics nested within. Phylogenetic results and inferred biogeographic histories are presented and discussed.

Broader Impacts:

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1 - Ohio University, Environmental and Plant Biology, Porter Hall Rm. 317, Athens, OH, 45701, USA
2 - Ohio University, Environmental & Plant Biology, 315 Porter Hall, Athens, OH, 45701, USA


Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 28
Location: Lindell C/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Tuesday, July 12th, 2011
Time: 9:30 AM
Number: 28005
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