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Pteridological Section/AFS

Nester-Hudson, Joan [1].

Spore age as a factor influencing spore viability and gametophyte development in the fern, Anemia mexicana.

Anemia mexicana is a homosporous fern with nongreen spores. Nongreen fern spores usually have longer viability than green fern spores. This study investigated spore viability and gametophyte development in this fern using spores collected from seven different years between 1978 (32 years) and 2003 (7 years). Spores had been stored in glass vials at 4C except during transport. Spores were dusted onto the surface of agar-solidified mineral medium in plastic petri dishes and placed under fluorescent lights at room temperature. Percent spore germination was determined with a dissecting microscope after 9 days. A dissecting microscope was used to monitor gametophyte growth and development for 50 days. All ages of spores began germinating at 4-5 days after spore sowing with protrusion of the rhizoid. All spores, including those from 1978, had approximately 75-90% spore germination at 9 days. At nine days, most gametophytes were two-dimensional with an elongate rhizoid. A lateral meristem was initiated by day 14 and this meristem shifted to the terminal position after several days. Unicellular marginal trichomes were produced after development of the meristem. Antheridia began forming at day 22 and were abundant by day 32 on male gametophytes. Archegonia were visible on separate gametophytes at 38 days. Gametophyte growth and development varied within each age of spores but there was essentially no difference in gametophyte growth and development when Anemia mexicana spores were 7 to 32 years old and had been stored at 4 C.

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Anemia mexicana
fern spore germination
fern gametophyte.

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Location: Waterman Room/Chase Park Plaza
Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
Time: 9:15 AM
Number: 07001
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