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The identity reveal: Four new morpho-molecular species within Section Pseudobaccatae of the genus Ephedra in Western Himalaya.

A review of Ephedra species of the Western Himalayan region led to the discovery of Four new species and a variety (E. yurtungensis Sharma & Uniyal sp. nov., E. yurtungensis var. lutea Sharma & Uniyal comb. nov. E. Lamayuruensis Sharma & Uniyal sp. nov., E. sheyensis Sharma & Uniyal sp. nov., E. khardongensis Sharma & Uniyal sp. nov.). The most distinctive characters observed are shape and size of male strobilus, number of bracts, length of synangiophore with synangia, shape and size of female strobilus, number of bracts, size and color of seeds, and several features of the micropyle for morphological analysis including AFLP diagnosis at the molecular level. These species are most similar to E. intermedia and E. regeliana . The present study also emphasize Sympatric speciation highlighting conserved morphological reproductive character states answering evo-devo mechanism in the case of Ephedra. Keywords AFLP; Ephedra; Evolution; Genetic variability; Pseudobaccatae; Western Himalaya Note: Please consider the request under one of the category of award i.e. ASPT: George R. Cooley award for best contributed paper in plant systematics.

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1 - university of delhi, botany, lab no. 311 b, new delhi, 110 007, India
2 - The Energy Research Institute, Biotechnology and Management of Bioresources Division , Darbari Seth Block India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road New Delhi- 110003
3 - University of Northern Iowa, Department of Biology, Cedar Falls, IA 50614

Genetic variability
Western Himalaya.

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Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
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