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Society for Economic Botany/BSA Economic Botany Section

Dawodu, Abimbola [1], Fasola, Taiye. R [1].

Diurnal variation in the phytochemical composition of some Nigerian plants used in ethnomedicine.

It is believed by traditional herbal practitioners that herbs must only be collected before sunset as those collected after will not be potent. This has prompted the investigation of 15 plant species used in the treatment of diabetes in Nigeria. The leaves and stem barks of the plants were both harvested at 9am and 9pm. The harvested samples were dried at room temperature and powdered for phytochemical screening following standard methods.
The studies on Day and Night variations in phytochemicals showed differences in their quantities for the morning and evening samples. The evening samples of Momordica charantia, Morinda lucida, Alstonia boonei, and Mangifera indica leaves had the values of (140, 139, 100, 100) mg/100g respectively in the tannin content which was higher than the morning samples at (94, 94, 88, 69) mg/100g respectively. The Alkaloid content of Ageratum conyzoides, Mimosa pudica, Lantana camara, Terminalia cattapa, Rauwolfia vomitora leaves had the values (2130, 7290, 3480, 2110, 3820) mg/100g respectively which was also higher than their morning counterparts at (380, 1420, 2200, 1170, 2590) mg/100g respectively. The evening samples of Vernonia amygdalina, Carica papaya, Ocimum grattisimum, and Moringa oleifera Leaves showed a significant difference in Flavonoid quantity (3130, 14400, 2560, 3140) mg/100g when compared with those collected in the morning (20, 3430, 1510, 2450) mg/100g. The Saponin content of Mangifera indica stem bark had a difference, while differences were also observed in the quantity of Terpenoid, Saponin, Flavoniod, Alkaloid, Tannins, Phenolic and Antioxidant content in the stem bark of Azardirachta indica, Plumeria rubra and Xylopia aethiopica.
The variations in the secondary metabolites of these medicinal plants may give a clue to the best time of their collection when needed for therapeutic efficacy.

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1 - University of Ibadan , Department of Botany , Ibadan, IB, "NIGERIA"

medicinal plants
Diurnal Variation
Secondary Metabolites

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Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
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