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Granados, Carolina [1], Salazar, Gerardo [2].

Phylogenetic relationships of the Tillandsia erubescens group (Bromeliaceae) based on plastid DNA sequences and morphology.

We assessed monophyly and interspecific relationships of the Tillandsia erubescens species group of subgenus Tillandsia using separate and combined parsimony analyses of DNA sequences of three regions of the plastid genome (matK-trnK, trnH-psbA and trnD-trnT) and 26 morphological characters. We analysed exemplars of 32 species, including 8 ingroup taxa, representatives of various other lineages of Tillandsia and one species each of Vriesea and Catopsis as outgroups. The combined analysis of all plastid and structural data support the monophyly of the group and provide enough resolution to discern the phylogenetic relations among its species. Monophyly of the T. erubescens group is supported by two morphological synapomorphies: absence of floral bracts and descending flowers. Two species of the ingroup are new to science and were discovered during this study. Our results recovered morphologically distinctive T. achyrostachis as sister to the T. erubescens group and the clade [T.prodigiosa-[T. carlos-hankii-T. bourgaei]] is their next closest relative. The evolution and taxonomic value of selected reproductive characters is discussed

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1 - Research Group Spermatophytes, Department of Biology, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium
2 - Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Departamento de Botánica, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico


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Date: Monday, July 11th, 2011
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