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Tuesday, July 30th
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm · Tucson B/Starr Pass
Session MACRO2: Contributed Papers: Macroevolution: Macroevolution II
Presiding: Jeff Rose, University of Colorado-Boulder
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MACRO2001July 30th 1:30 pmQuantifying the limits of our knowledge in phylogenetic comparative studies
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MacroevolutionOral PaperBoyko, James; Beaulieu, Jeremy.Phylogenetics
Primary endosymbiosis
ancestral reconstruction
information theory
comparative methods
MACRO2002July 30th 1:45 pmEvolution of pyrrolizidine alkaloid biosynthesis in Apocynaceae: inference of ancestral function in the pathway-specific enzyme, homospermidine synthase
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MacroevolutionOral PaperSmith, Chelsea R.; Kaltenegger, Elisabeth; Tasca, Julia A.; Teisher, Jordan; Straub, Shannon; Minbiole, Kevin P. C.; Livshultz, Tatyana.Apocynaceae
pyrrolizidine alkaloids
Gene duplication
ancestral reconstruction
plant defense
Secondary metabolites
MACRO2003July 30th 2:00 pmThe impact of ascertainment bias in comparative biology
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MacroevolutionOral PaperBeaulieu, Jeremy; O'Meara, Brian.character estimation
ascertainment bias
MACRO2004July 30th 2:15 pmExtrafloral organ fusion in the evolution of Lonicera and its relatives (Caprifoliaceae, Dipsacales)
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MacroevolutionOral PaperClement, Wendy; Howarth, Dianella; Landrein, Sven; Srivastav, Mansa; Donoghue, Michael.
MACRO2005July 30th 2:30 pmConnecting phylogenetic and microevolutionary views on dioecy evolution: insights from an ancient angiosperm lineage (Hydatellaceae, Nymphaeales)
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MacroevolutionOral PaperGraham, Sean; Gerelle, Wesley; Jost, Mathias; Logacheva, Maria; Sauquet, Hervé; Moore, Michael; Les, Donald; Macfarlane, Terry; Remizowa, Margarita; Conran, Dr John; Wanke, Stefan; Rudall, Paula J; Sokoloff, Dmitry; Marques, Isabel.Dioecy
Plastid phylogenomics
Ancestral states
MACRO2006July 30th 2:45 pmIntegrative studies of replicated evolution in a clade of neotropical Viburnum (Adoxaceae)
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MacroevolutionOral PaperDonoghue, Michael; Alavez, Veronica; Gardner, Jordan; Landis, Michael; Moeglein, Morgan; Park, Brian; Segovia, Ali Citlali; Diana, Soriano; Torola, Pamela; Cacho, N. Ivalu; Olson, Mark; Eaton, Deren; Edwards, Erika.Viburnum
MACRO2007July 30th 3:00 pmMacroevolutionary history predicts flowering time but not phenological response to climate change in grasses
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MacroevolutionOral PaperNeto-Bradley, Barbara; Lipsen, Linda P. J.; Whitton, Jeannette; Pennell, Matthew W..
MACRO2008July 30th 3:15 pmThe hyperdiverse campos rupestres revealed through macroevolutionary patterns of plant lineages
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MacroevolutionOral Paperde Souza Cortez, Maria Beatriz; Guralnick, Robert; Barve, Vijay; Earl, Chandra; Soltis, Douglas; Soltis, Pamela.systematics
Large-Scale Phylogenetics
Campos rupestres
data science

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