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Ward, Joni [1].

Desert Botanical Garden voucher program: Celebrating 25 years of documenting the collections.

The Desert Botanical Garden (DBG), aside from being a beautiful place to visit, is an institution which holds documented collections of living plants for the purposes of scientific research, conservation, display and education. In keeping with the mission of the DBG, "to advance excellence in education, research, exhibition, and conservation of desert plants", the Cactus Voucher Program (CVP) was started in 1993 by Dr. Ted Anderson and Wendy Hodgson, researchers at the Garden. The goal of the CVP is to document and preserve the Garden's living collection, especially the nationally-recognized Agavaceae and Cactaceae collections, through herbarium vouchers, for future scientific use and reference. One strategic part of the success of this program is the training of a group of volunteers to implement and continue the collection of specimens, documentation of necessary data and processing involved in making a complete herbarium voucher. Over the 25 years of the CVP we have had about 25 volunteers participate. The program began with plants in the Cactaceae collection that have a wild provenance with collection data. We then expanded the program to include the Agavaceae collection, the Aloaceae collection and our trees and shrubs. The methodology used for collecting specimens and preparing herbarium vouchers will be discussed. To date the volunteers have completed vouchers on about 3200 different plants. All of these vouchers are part of the herbarium at the DBG and are accessible through SIENet. Currently we have linked the herbarium vouchers for the Cactaceae to the Living Collections Management System (LCMS), which can be accessed at We are currently linking images taken as part of the voucher projects to the Agavaceae and Cactaceae accessions in LCMS. This program has been crucial in preserving information about the living collection at the DBG and has served in many ways to augment the research on these two families, assisting researchers from around the world.

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1 - Desert Botanical Garden, Research, Conservation and Collections, 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ, 85008, USA

Botanical Garden
Living Collections.

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