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Morrison, Glen R [1], Rajewski, Alex [2].

Tools for building highly customized figures, for intermediate R users.

R is a freely distributed computer language with great power for creating figures, however,  figuring out how to use R to make informative and attractive graphics can be difficult and time-consuming. While popular packages like ggplot2 have made it relatively easy to build simple figures in R, these packages are not ideal for building figures that represent complex or unusual types of data, with clear styling that makes the figure easy to interpret. For producing such figures, the standard R plotting functions (“base R” functions) provide better flexibility and control. However, effective use of these functions requires knowledge of available functions and how to make them work together. Learning the base R functions is cumbersome and difficult, and this tiresome process can lead users to give up prematurely. In this workshop we will provide an overview of base R plotting functions, adjustable graphical parameters, and general strategies for structuring complex graphics with a high degree of control. The covered material will provide you with a tool set to build informative and attractive figures with minimal time investment. In order to make the workshop informative for all participants, some previous experience with data manipulation and plotting in R is required. If you are interested, but have minimal R experience, we encourage you to contact us in advance of the workshop to learn about resources for learning basic R coding skills. Participants should come prepared with a laptop with R or RStudio installed.

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1 - University of California, Riverside, Botany and Plant Sciences, 900 University Ave, Riverside, CA, 92521
2 - UC Riverside, Botany And Plant Science, 900 University Ave, Batchelor Hall, Riverside, CA, 92521, United States

Data visualization

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Session: W16, Tools for building highly customized figures, for intermediate R users
Location: San Pedro 1/Starr Pass
Date: Sunday, July 28th, 2019
Time: 3:15 PM
Number: W16001
Abstract ID:57
Candidate for Awards:None

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