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Floristics & Taxonomy

Curran, Bridget [1], Jolles, Diana [2].

Evaluating buzz pollinated plant species across New England habitats.

Plant-pollinator interactions are specialized mutualistic adaptations that provide key ecological services. The technique used by certain pollinators, buzz pollination, relies on specialized foraging behavior of the pollinator and specialized floral androecium characteristics. The objective of this study was to (1) determine the optimal and actual frequency and amplitude of sonication by pollinators visiting buzz pollinated plants of New England and (2) determine the relationships between floral characteristics of buzz pollinated species and the New England habitats they grow in. We hypothesized that species with larger anthers require greater buzz amplitude and frequency to expel the maximum amount of pollen. Thus, pollinators with greater mass might be optimal in habitats associated with large-anthered plant species while smaller pollinators may be more effective in habitats with smaller-anthered plant species. We also hypothesized that a greater diversity of buzz pollinated angiosperm species and anther characteristics would be present in contiguous, yet heterogeneous habitats. Results of this study include an estimate of buzz pollinated plant species diversity in New England, associated anther morphologies, and the actual versus optimal ranges of sonication frequency and amplitude required for effective pollination. Evaluating how these interactions are organized at a community level, the results of this study can be used to reflect on habitat resiliency to floristic and entomological change across New England.

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1 - Plymouth State University, Department Of Biological Sciences, 17 High Street, MSC48, Plymouth, NH, 03264, United States
2 - Plymouth State University, Biological Sciences, 17 High Street, Msc 48, Plymouth, NH, 03264, United States

buzz pollination
New England
habitat resiliency.

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