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Monday, July 11th

Monday, July 11th, 10:30 am to 11:30 am · Portland Room/Chase Park Plaza
Session 11: Contributed Papers: Tropical Biology Section Contributed Papers
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11001July 11th 10:30 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaPollination of Blakea purpusii (Melastomataceae) by birds in Mexico
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Oral PaperLumer, Cecile.pollination
rodent pollination
bird pollination
11002July 11th 10:45 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaAchioté (Bixa orellano L.) cultivation and preparation by Maya women in Belize, Central America
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Oral PaperTerdal, Erik; Terdal-VandeVusse, Rhea.achiote
11003July 11th 11:00 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaPhylogenetic relationships of Mormolyca Fenzl (Orchidaceae) based on chloroplast genes and ITS
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Oral PaperArevalo Burbano, Rafael; Cameron, Kenneth.Orchidacea
chloroplast markers
11004July 11th 11:15 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaFossombronia peruviana and Allied Species in Latin America - A Systematic Puzzle
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Oral PaperBenavides, Juan C.; Crandall-Stotler, Barbara; Stotler, Ray.Austrofossombronia
northern Andes
sister species†
high elevations

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