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Tuesday, July 12th

Tuesday, July 12th, 8:15 am to 12:00 pm · Portland Room/Chase Park Plaza
Session 26: Contributed Papers: Population Genetics
Presiding: Kathryn Theiss, University of Connecticut
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26001July 12th 8:15 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaGenetic structure in the invasive Polygonum cespitosum
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Oral PaperTheiss, Kathryn; Matesanz, Silvia; Sultan, Sonia; Holsinger, Kent.Population structure
Invasive plant
Ecological genetics
26002July 12th 8:30 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaExamination of the genetic structure of southwestern Ohio populations of Lonicera maackii to determine invasion patterns.
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Oral PaperBarriball, Kelly; McNutt, Erin; Rocha, Oscar.Lonicera maackii
invasive plant
26003July 12th 8:45 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaHow does a weed arise? Genetic evidence for the origin of the Midwestern agricultural weed Amaranthus tuberculatus (Amaranthaceae)
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Oral PaperWaselkov, Katherine; Olsen, Kenneth; Schaal, Barbara.Amaranthaceae
agricultural weed
population genetics
26004July 12th 9:00 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaDeciphering the phylogeny of weedy/ invasive and domesticated species in the genus Cichorium (Asteraceae)
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Oral PaperZavada, Tomas; Kesseli, Rick.Cichorium
population genetics
26005July 12th 9:15 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaThe population genetics of feral creeping bentgrass and cultivated turfgrass on a golf course
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Oral PaperAhrens, Collin; Auer, Carol.creeping bentgrass
population genetics
molecular markers
26006July 12th 9:30 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaSubspecific classification within Phoradendron serotinum (Viscaceae): Morphological and molecular markers for assessment of population genetic structure.
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Oral PaperHawkins, Angela; Archambeault, Alan; Cannon, Brandi; Faust, Amber; Levsen, Nicholas; Williams, Justin; Randle, Christopher.Viscaceae
parasitic plant
July 12th 9:45 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaBreak
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26008July 12th 10:00 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaGenetic diversity of a parasitic weed, Striga hermonthica,on sorghum and pearl millet in Mali
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Oral PaperEstep , Matt C; Van Mourik, Thomas A; Muth, Peter; Guindo, Diarah; Parzies, Heiko K; Koita, Ousmane; Weltzien, Eva; Bennetzen, Jeffrey.Striga hermonthica
26009July 12th 10:15 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaIsolation among islands as a driver of divergence in the endemic Lotus (Fabaceae) of the California Channel Islands
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Oral PaperMcglaughlin, Mitchell; Bresowar, Gerald; Helenurm, Kaius; Wallace, Lisa.Lotus
California Channel Islands
single copy nuclear gene
population genetics
gene flow
26010July 12th 10:30 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaContrasting patterns of polymorphism and divergent on the Carica papaya X and Y chromosomes
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Oral PaperWeingartner, Laura; Harkess, Alex; Brown, Jennifer; Moore, chromosomes
evolutionary genetics
selective sweep
26011July 12th 10:45 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaImpacts of demographic history, population subdivision, and non-random mating on the genetic structure of natural populations of Carica papaya
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Oral PaperBrown, Jennifer; Lawrie, Joseph; Rocha, Oscar; Moore, Richard.Carica papaya
Population expansion
Population structure
Tropical fruit crop
26012July 12th 11:00 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaPopulation genetics in a geographic context, the Phaedranassa (Amaryllidaceae) case study
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Oral PaperOleas, Nora; Meerow, Alan; Francisco-Ortega, Javier.population genetics
Ecological niche modeling
26013July 12th 11:15 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaEstimating outcrossing rate and inbreeding depression from marker data when family sizes are small
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Oral PaperKoelling, Vanessa; Monnahan, Patrick; Kelly, John.outcrossing rate
inbreeding depression
mating system evolution
Bayesian estimation
26014July 12th 11:30 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaGenetic Diversity and Structure of a Tropical Fruit, Timber and Latex Tree, Manilkara zapota (Sapotaceae)
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Oral PaperThompson, Kim; Culley, Theresa; Lentz, David.Maya
Manilkara zapota
26015July 12th 11:45 amPortland Room/Chase Park PlazaGenetic Differentiation of Bitter and Sweet Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) at the Global and Continental Levels: new analyses distinguish between competing hypotheses of genetic drift and migration
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Oral PaperBradbury , Elizabeth Jane; Duputiť, Anne; DelÍtre, Marc; Roullier, Caroline; Emshwiller, Eve; Mckey, Doyle.domestication
crop migration
clonally propagated crops
Isolation with Migration Model

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